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Lazy Elder Shoes


Product origin : CHINA

Delivery time : 15 days

Supply capacity : 1500

Process pu injection shoes
colour blue or august green and grey
material canvas package:poly or box and case
SOLE material pu

comfortable wear


Starting from the foot. Feet are the second heart of the human, it has a lot of points, if the feet sweat out, feet long-term bubble in the water, bacteria in the shoes breeding, so that the shoes are stinky. And have a pair of breathable shoes will be different, of course.Shoes, especially hands Cloth shoes Is preferred.Shoes,

handmade cloth shoes function:

(1) perspiration, breathable: to help you lift the sweat Foot odor upset. Sweat feet to wear long-term do not have to dry insole, and keep the shoes dry. 
(2) feet: the foot skin soft and smooth, foot muscles to relax.
(4) has the function of promoting many points. Enhance blood circulation, prevent the foot caused by wet feet of various diseases. 
(5) dry not smelly: the person's feet and hands are not stinky, but the feet sweat out, long-term wet shoes, bacteria, so smelly, and long-term dry shoes, bacteria can not reproduce so not smelly.
(6) wearing a single shoes than wearing slippers, sandals also cool. Wearing cotton shoes due to dry shoes, so special warm. 
(7) slow down the shock to protect the brain.
(8) beautiful and generous chic beautiful.
(9) reasonable set of juice.

(10) does not contain any chemical composition, is a kind of cross-century "green shoes" that conforms to the laws of nature and human's physiological characteristics. Bad: dirty, no shoes so clean.

Lazy Elder Shoes


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